People Like Us & Wobbly: Music For the Fire

People Like Us & Wobbly: Music For the Fire
Since 1991 Vicki Bennett has been making CDs as People Like Us. Jon Leidecker has been Wobbly since 1994. Together they have over 35 years of making noise. Their latest collaboration is Music For the Fire.
The album is being released on Illegal Art which is home to artists such as Girl Talk, Steinski, and The Bran Flakes. Like those artists, Music For the Fire delivers a sound collage of found sounds, popular music, and spoken word. However, taking into account all the artists that I mentioned, People Like Us & Wobbly’s collaboration is probably the least accessible out of any of them.
The track that stood out most to me was “Naked Little Girl” and not for good reasons. The nightmarish pedophilia track features the phrase “naked little girl” uttered around 18 times in whole. I am not counting the phrase being cut up, echoed, or any of the other various effects that are placed on it. The track is bizarre and hard to listen to, but that seems to be the case for the entire album.
If the album had a “single”, it would be “Giant Love Ball”. It is probably the most easily accessible song because a good portion of the track comes from one sample being remixed. The sample is some sort of bizarre children’s song that includes the lyric “I am a giant ball of love”. Even though the track is the most accessible on the album, it still does does not really do much for me.
In the end, Music For the Fire makes you feel like you are crazy. The various blips and beeps are headache enducing and sometimes nauseating. It is like being on a ship and never being able to find your equilibrium. I am sure some will read this review and say that I didn’t get it, but after listening to the album I’m not sure I want to get it.
Rating: 0.8/10
MP3: People Like Us & Wobbly “Naked Little Girl”
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