Phat Kat “Revolver (U.S. Version)”

Below System Records re-released Phat Kat‘s Dedication To The Suckers produced by J Dilla on September 15th along with the Detroit emcee dropped the re-releases of his EPs Re-Dedication To The Suckers. These two EPs have two versions, U.S. and Euro. Same lyrics and track titles, just different instrumentals both produced by Agor. In November, the vinyl version of the EP will drop which will include Dedication To The Suckers on the A Side and Re-Dedication To The Suckers (U.S. Version) on the B Side. The US version of “Revolver” shows off what to expect from the vinyl version. Agor’s crisply produced turntablist beat under Phat Kat’s timeless rhymes. It sounds as vital today as when it was originally released in 2015.

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