Premiere: Weird Mob “Nu American Haircutz”

Weird Mob is weird indeed. Comprised of married librarians Dave Gibson and Renee Reighart, the duo are releasing their debut album Wizards on April 21st via Hibernator Gigs Records. Surviving the Golden Age is pleased to premiere the album’s first single, “Nu American Haircutz.” The track was inspired by a similarly-titled book that Reighart stumbled onto at the UVA Fine Arts Library which featured various New York models from the 1980’s sporting some rad new wave haircuts (one of whom happens to be a young, pre-Cheers Woody Harrelson). Says Gibson, “I spent part of my childhood (from 1984-1985) living in England, and this book conjured up images of my youth, where everyday was a constant reminder of just how American we all really were – going on road trips with my family through Europe, sitting in the backseat with my brother listening to tapes on a crappy Walkman, my parents constantly listening to Genesis and solo Phil Collins.”

Listening to “Nu American Haircutz,” it is immediately apparent why they were dubbed Charlottesville, VA’s “most adorable power-pop power-couple“ by C-Ville Weekly. Somewhere between Atom and His Package and Ultimate Fakebook is the band’s mix of Casio keyboard drums, dual guitar riffs, and sugary-pop vocals. It’s more boisterous than you would expect from librarians but just as cute as you would hope from a married couple.

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