Punch “Untitled”

After an unfathomably good year for Top Dawg Entertainment, label president Punch has found some time to put out an untitled track on the heels of TDE’s latest release (Ab-Soul’s These Days). Simple production highlights Punch’s lyrical content, which focuses on sharing his version of street history, moving from micro to macro. His flow is more conventional compared to Kendrick or Schoolboy Q, but Punch justifies his straightforward delivery by painting a picture of growing up as a kid who “Wasn’t concerned with writin’ phrases for ya’ll amazement / My upraising was abrasive / My early years were the subject of rhyme-sayers who won’t dare go near there / So lend me your ears here.” The track’s samples are purposeful and effective from a storytelling perspective (if not a little clunky against the track’s smooth horns), giving a nod to Punch’s feature-only status to date. Who knows? Maybe the man’s got a full-length up his sleeve, if he can make room in his schedule.

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