Pusha T @ Industria Superstudio, New York City

pusha-tThe Pusha T listening party was announced with an Instagrammed invite boasting a “secret location”. By the time doors opened at 7, the secret was out: there were fanboys and industry professionals waiting in line and milling around the street outside. Doors were closed around 8 with Industria Superstudio filled to capacity.

The warehouse space felt more like a stripped-down drug lair, with the exception of the large black and white paintings and the waitresses in hazmat suits giving out Red Bull and vodkas. The first track dropped like a bomb with heavy base, and a circle quickly formed around Pusha. I can say definitively: Track 1 is a banger where King Push proclaims “I don’t sing hooks”.

The biggest surprise of the night wasn’t how good the new songs were — that was expected — but a pro-Pusha rant by none other than Yeezus himself. Kanye grabbed a mic out of nowhere after a track featuring his auto-tuned trademark hooks. The crowd turned into the Church of Yeezus. “Nigga this is that culture. For all you niggas trying to do your camo prints…throwing numbers on the back of your shits… Motherfuckers this is Pusha-T”… then he admitted “Im a little gone off the goose right now”. Ok, than explains it.

One highlight off the album was the consistency of ridiculous lines. Quotes like “The praying for jail but I mastered the pen” and “Balance on the scale, I ain’t a libra either” are sure to keep fans happy. Features on the album include Kanye (obvs!). Rick Ross, Pharrell, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar (!!). Production mostly screams Kanye/Good Music, with some soulful touches that are perfect for playing late at night while driving around and contemplating why drug dealing pays so well.

It’s going to be hard to wait until 10/3 to hear these tracks again! I’ll be watching for a leak. Tweet me at @chelawhita if you have it! #fiend

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