Radio Freq: Alive EP

Radio Freq: Alive EP
Los Angeles’ Radio Freq got their start playing warehouse parties. It is evident listening to their electro-rock infused debut EP, Alive why LA hipster would have eaten them up.
The album’s open track, “I’m Alive” is fairly representitive of the group’s sound. The track opens with MGMT-style keyboards before a dirty bass synth sets the tempo for the track. The track’s vocal styling reminds me of The Faint. The chorus feels a little underwhelming; it has the power to be a big arena rock sized chorus but Radio Freq seems a bit tentative. That does not diminish the chorus’ catchy hook, however, which is a clear winner.
All four songs on the EP are actually good. It took me a while to warm up to “Automatic”. The track is clearly the least danceable of the four tracks with its Ratatat aping beat and Postal Service sounding vocals. But its uniqueness makes the EP not get monotonous.
Overall, for a debut EP Alive surprisingly captures a group that looks completely in control. Most debut EPs sloppily try to showcase too many influences and thus sacrifice continuity or cohesiveness, Radio Freq shows no hint of these usual pitfalls. It makes me yearn for a full length album from the group in the near future.
Rating: 8.0/10
MP3: Radio Freq “I’m Alive”
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