Rae Sremmurd @ The Adult Swim Tyrannic Second Maiden Voyage At NYCC

It takes a lot of trust to get on a boat. Once asea there is no escape–at least not without risk of drowning–so putting your lives in the hands of Adult Swim is a bit of gamble. The gamble didn’t stop people from beginning to line up for boarding three hours in advance with only the promise of a surprise musical guest and sightseeing.

As the cruise left Pier 81, a DJ was spinning a good mix of hip hop and trap. Folks were already dropping plenty of dollars on extremely overpriced drinks but were supplied with free food. The dance floor was started to fill as people finished up their food. Suddenly a little bit of commotion ushered in the musical guest.

Rae Sremmurd took the stage by popping a bottle of champagne and spraying the entire crowd. Unsurprisingly that was only the first of three bottles that would be dousing the crowd during the hour long performance. As the young duo ran through their hits, the boat started getting more lit. Plenty of white guys jumping up and down with their drinks in the air, spilling them on the shorter members of the crowd. The heat of movement cause the boat’s windows to fog. By the time Rae Sremmurd closed with “No Type,” everyone on the boat was a sweaty, alcohol soaked mess.

Once the boat moored at the dock, guests were given commemorative bandanas and posters–a pretty sweet haul for a free cruise.

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