Premiere: Red Sleeping Beauty: Always on Your Side EP

Niklas Angergård’s pre-Acid House Kings, Red Sleeping Beauty had been dormant since 1997 before returning in 2016 with Kristina. The record saw them return to their lush synth-pop sound. Two years later, they return with Always on Your Side EP. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to give you an exclusive first listen to the EP.

The titular track, “Always on Your Side” is taken from an upcoming-as-yet-untitled fourth album. The track layers synths with Angergård’s vocals about a love that’s “here forever.” It’s a beautifully constructed love and fits perfectly into Red Sleeping Beauty’s 90’s catalog. “Just for Fun” is an Alpaca Sports cover and chords and melody to “Falling Out of Love” is from an unfinished demo by Acid House Kings. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” closes out the EP. Featuring some palm-muted guitar and synth-strings, the song is the short-but-sweet ending the EP deserves.

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