Red Wanting Blue: These Magnificent Miles

Red Wanting Blue: These Magnificent Miles
For over a decade, Red Wanting Blue has paved their way without the help of a label. These Magnificent Miles is their first record label released album.
The fact that Red Wanting Blue has never been signed to a label is a little surprising; the band has a mainstream ready sound. The album’s opening track “Gravity” sounds like Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd or any one of those bands that sounds exactly alike to the untrained ear.
But Red Wanting Blue does not just present incredibly generic post-grunge on These Magnificent Miles, no the band is promoted as a country group. “Where You Wanna Go” sounds like Clint Black covering a Kenny Chesney song which I am sure is pie-in-the-sky for any commercial country fan but is lackluster for the rest of us.
While it would be easy to write the group off and cite having a song called “U.S. Bumper Sticker” as yet another reason to hate Red Wanting Blue, I must give credit where credit is due. In a genre where it is unpopular to not be overly patriotic, “U.S. Bumper Sticker” is actually critical of the country. The track seems to be about a man grappling with loving his country but not necessarily loving the flag-waving idiots that occupy it.
Despite the over all negative tone of this review, I am not giving These Magnificent Miles a sub-1 rating. I can not tell if I hated the other songs so much that the two that were mediocre stood out as good in comparison or if I actually liked two songs, but I will give them at least that “U.S. Bumper Sticker” is pretty good. The rest of the tracks I could do without but if you are a fan of commercial country radio or songs played in commercials to join the army, you might find Red Wanting Blue more pleasing than I.
Rating: 1.9/10
MP3: Red Wanting Blue “U.S. Bumper Sticker”
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  • Bryan says:

    I have been on to these guys for only a year now and I cannot find one part of your review that I can connect with. It comes off as bitter and baseless. You would not know talent when you hear it because you have none. Now please go back into oblivion.

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