RJD2: Inversions Of The Colossus

RJD2: Inversions Of The Colossus
In a flurry of creativity, RJD2 released his fourth album The Colossus back in January to solid reviews only to follow it up with Inversions Of The Colossus last month. The album is a completely unique companion piece to The Colossus.
After his incredibly disappoint 2007 album, The Third Hand it is nice to see RJD2 return to form on Inversions Of The Colossus. The album kicks off with “The Perfect Occasion”. The track starts off with a Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love”-esque drum solo before the horns come in. The horns are reminiscent of RJ’s biggest hit, “Ghostwriter”; they are big, fun, and anthematic. RJ does something a little different with the bridge, using a Ratatat guitar sound. The track really sets the tempo for the whole record.
After the last two records being very lyrical, it’s nice to have a mostly instrumental album from RJD2. “The First Sights Of Land” and “Calm Down” are the only two tracks with lyrics, all the rest are content to be instrumentals. While some argue that instrumental albums get boring, RJD2 really mixes up his styles enough to keep it interesting. “Crumbs Off The Table” sounds like a Moog Cookbook rendition of a James Brown tune. “The Shining Path” sounds like an outtake from The AvalanchesSince I Left You album.
Overall, Inversions Of The Colossus really feels like an instant classic from RJD2. There are a few weak tracks but nothing overwhelmingly bad. For the most part, the album is able to be listened to from start to finish.
Rating: 8.2/10
MP3: RJD2 “The Perfect Occasion”
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