San Holo “Still Looking”

San Holo, the name I always second guess when saying thanks to Star Wars, just dropped a new original off his creative label bitbird. “Still Looking” is a very chill, melodic and laid back type of track with a few nuances that really take it to the next level. The breakdown with the vocal build up into the last drop is chilling and reminiscent, at least to me, of Porter Robinson vibes with how gentle the voice is. I also like the part where it switches up to a heavy kick and all the drums go in together as almost like a different drop. While unlike the rest of the track It still fits quite well. I’ve had this one on repeat since it came out, and probably will be my jam for the next few days. San Holo really has proven himself over the past few years and with this self release on his label, it’s no different.

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