Sego featuring The Moth & The Flame and Pinguin Mofex “Walking The Cow” (Daniel Johnston cover)

Releasing just ahead of Sego’s performance at Austin City Limits taking place in Daniel Johnston’s longtime hometown, is Sego’s cover of his song “Walking the Cow.” Although the cover has been in the work for months, after Johnston’s death the band fast tracked the song to release it before leaving for tour.

Teaming up with fellow Utahans, The Moth & The Flame and Pinguin Mofex, the cover has a joyous feel of friends getting together and playing their favorite songs. With bouncing guitars, driving drums, and shimmering synths, the song is surprisingly true to the original despite the obviously improved production value.

It has been exactly one month since Johnston’s death and the cover proves he has been gone but not forgotten.

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