Premiere: The Sky Colony “Cactus” Official Music Video

Cascadian indie-folk family, The Sky Colony released their new LP, All of Us back in August. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the video for the latest single, “Cactus.”

Produced by Alex Hill, the video juxtaposes travel footage with live performance. It shows primary songwriter, Kyle Findley-Meier in his car getting off I-15 in Nevada at the appropriately titled Cactus Ave. Cactus Avenue is in the fairly large town of Enterprise but the scenes shot for the video are more rural than that, driving through Nevada’s desert mesas and slowly getting to literal greener pastures. Despite greenery and rain in the video, there is still a good amount of arid landscape with Findley-Meier singing the uplifting chorus in a Native American sarape in front of a large bunny ears cactus. Like any good desert folk song, the track finishes with a guitar solo which allows the video to take a turn for the psychedelic with neon flowers and kaleidoscope imagery taking us to the close.

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