Premiere: Slow Corpse: Fables

Ashland, OR’s Slow Corpse are preparing to release their debut full length, Fables on May 4th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to host an exclusive stream of the album.

The brainchild of an EDM producer Mitchell Winters and a blues guitarist Brenton Clarke, Slow Corpse seamlessly combines elements of R&B, indie rock, and beach pop. Opening track, “Run It” has the cool swagger of Spoon with indie rock finesse of Local Natives. “Cruel” roughly runs with the same combination but the addition of tight Beach Boys-esque harmonies gives the track a sunny West coast feel. “Blooming” adds trap drums to the mix, giving the indie track some hip hop flare.

On every track, Slow Corpse seems to be experimenting while keeping within their own sound. Because of this, Fables ends up sounding like a hip indie band you have heard before while still being exciting and fresh.

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