Slow Season: Slow Season

Rock and roll hasn’t sounded this good in a real long time. The California based band, Slow Season, is making one hell of a splash with their latest, self-titled album. Their music is raw and real –it teleports you back in time and indulges you in nostalgic rock anthem after nostalgic rock anthem.

Slow Season gets rolling with an appropriately named track, “Heavy.” The guitars and drums thunder off in repetition, the vocals take on a very heavy, vivid, and robust sound. As the singer lets out, “Your love is so heavy,” in the chorus, his voice cascades along the musical scale. There’s something bluesy in his voice. “If it doesn’t kill me, then time surely will;” the lyrics, the voice, the way those guitars jam with an all out vibe –it’s intense.

The album progresses into cleaner, more digestible, but still fantastic tracks. “Evil Words,” slows things up but features some buzzy melodies and backing acoustic chords. It’s a bit relaxing, a bit far out. When the keys segue into a crisp guitar solo, you find yourself melting away. Slow Season stays true to the rock and roll tradition. “Coco a Gogo,” is fast and fun –it’s got that rockabilly vibe, something a bit 50’s about it. The Isley Brothers or even the king himself, Elvis would be proud. The album maintains character consistently and it’s fantastic.

There’s no lie, Slow Season’s album is a bit of a novelty. It’s hard to call it anything else in this day. If you’re not a fan of psychedelic fueled rock jam sessions, then chances are the album won’t be for you. Succumb to the dark side though, and the guitars, the drums, the keys, the singing will all lure you in. It’s a special treat, the kind of thing you’ll only listen to now and then, but no doubt about it, Slow Season is the greatest rock and roll album to ever come out too late.

All in all, Slow Season’s self-titled is something like a circus attraction –it’s good once, maybe twice, but unless you have a fetish for rock and roll, you probably won’t need a third time for a while. At the same time, it’s impossible not to love the passion that the band put into this one. Slow Season is time travel. Listening to the album is like experiencing the evolution of rock and every minute of it will leave you itching for more. The band performs excellently and the music is top notch. Looking for a good time? –look no further. Slow Season has just the album you need.

Rating: 7.5/10

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