Smashing Pumpkins “Being Beige”

When I first heard Smashing Pumpkins‘ “Being Beige,” it was on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday playlist. I wasn’t paying close attention and I heard the opening acoustic guitar appegios and immediately though “ugh more commercial country schlock.” As the vocals kicked in, I laughed to myself thinking “this dude almost sounds like Billy Corgan.” As the track built to the epic arena rock chorus, I thought “would that be funny if this was a new Smashing Pumpkins’ track?” Then came a Chris Martin-esque falsetto note and that convinced me, no way this was Smashing Pumpkins. At that point, I decided to actually check who it was and indeed it was “Being Beige” by the Smashing Pumpkins and I threw up. All of that story is true (except maybe the throwing up part).

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