Sofi Tukker “Greed”

A wild new single from favorites Sofi Tukker, who take on our favorite orange-tinted leader with a 5 letter weapon. Armed with a rollicking house-flavored beat, twangy guitars pulsating in tandem with the rhythm, screams, chants, cries and a general feel of organized chaos, “Greed” knocks and mocks the perpetual M.O. of our government and current president. It’s a call-to-arms disguised as a dance song, and the overall result is highly compelling and insanely enjoyable. In one breath it makes you feel free, begging you to let loose and scream and dance along with the duo. But the next moment feels filled with tension and uncertainty. I guess it’s a perfect representation of where we are right now as a country – let’s just hope the chaos stays organized for a bit longer.

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