Soundpool: Re-mirrored

Soundpool: Re-mirrored
New York City-based band, Soundpool released their critically acclaimed album, Mirrors In Your Eyes in 2010. The album’s combination of dance beats with wall-of-sound guitars lead to many labeling the band, discogaze. To follow up the album, the band has released Re-Mirrored, a limited edition five song remix EP.
The first remix comes from Syntaks. The Danish duo take on Soundpool’s near-seven minute opus, “Shelter.” Syntaks essentially take the dance beat out of the track but leave the lush wall-of-sound. The result is something that is both expansive and full as well as seemingly stripped down from the original.
Luckily, not every remix takes the danciness out of Soundpool’s tracks. Screen Vinyl Image does a great remix of “Listen.” I may be biased because “Listen” was my favorite track from Mirrors In Your Eyes but the remix keeps the catchy chorus and ups the dance beats. The result is a track that might outdo the original.
Unfortunately very few of the other tracks on the album outdo or even come close to the original. The pinnacle of this is Lawrence Chandler‘s remix of “I’m So Tired” which is actually seven minutes of what sounds like feedback. I have no idea what piece of the track is actually pulled from Soundpool’s original track but the remix is literally just a noise that lasts for 7 minutes. If that is not emblematic of the EP’s shortcomings I do not know what is.
Rating: 5.7/10
MP3: Soundpool “Listen (Screen Vinyl Image Remix)”
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