Sparkydog & Friends: People of the World EP

sparkydogandfriendsSparkydog & Friends: People of the World EP
The origins of Sparkydog & Friends came from friends playing together and recording in a garage. As time seemingly pulled the group apart, peeling it as a banana, those who did not move on in life came together to make a dream come true. To do this, they decided it was time to record in a proper studio. The result of that idea was the production company Magic Leap. The company would focus on indie music and animated/cg feature films.
The People of the World EP holds the first two singles of what will be a full length album that, as a concept, will blend elements of music and film together. Their goal is to blend music and cinematic techniques for live shows, something akin to what the Gorillaz have been known to do. But more than that, the album may include videos that will be produced “collectively across the web” as well as an online community where fans and the band will be able to interact.
The EP cover art was created by WETA Workshop which has done work on Avatar and The Lord of the Rings. The art featured is pre-production work for a feature film called “The Hour Blue”. Its interesting to say the least.
But the focal point here has to be the music. “People of the World” sounds like 80’s pop when you think of Phil Collins. Its softer guitars with keys making the melodies. It feels a bit hokey only because I couldn’t help thinking of “We are the World” when I listened to it. The chorus is sung as a group and is the only time the vocals aren’t manipulated to give an echo effect.
“Red Light” focuses more on the guitars and less on the keys. Its less busy as a whole resulting in the drums coming forward more. It still has that 80’s pop feel to it.
If the first two singles are any indication, I think the whole album is going to need more of that visual aspect they hope to incorporate. The music doesn’t stand out particularly on its own, though with only two tracks its hard to see how diverse it will be. The cover art also had me thinking the music would be different, something more appropirate for fantasy or sci fi, and perhaps less folksy. Its hard to gauge just what the full length album will be when it comes out later this fall, but this might turn out to be one of those projects that are better to see live than hear on album. Only time will tell.
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