squeakeasy “Earthbound”

“HEY everyone this is dans album. im putting it out, its so incredible i dont know how to say. its embarrassing how good it is. and the cd/book is beautiful. listen to it please please please”

This was the update on Trust Fund’s Facebook page that brought squeakeasy into my life. If you haven’t already heard Trust Fund’s excellent don’t let them begin, right your wrongs by listening to “we’ll both apologize” immediately. Then check out their split with Joanna Gruesome and the corresponding video series. Ellis Jones (the driving force of Trust Fund) will haunt you in a welcomed, Casper kind of way.

squeakeasy operates similarly. Occupying the other end of the spectrum, in an experimental pop paradise not unlike the weirdest bits from of Montreal, squeakeasy’s “Earthbound” is a six and a half minute blast through genre and aesthetic that manipulates the casual listener’s reliance on traditional musical cohesion. Each movement has about 30-45 seconds of infectious melody and lyricism before pulling the rug out from underneath, transporting you from one pole to the next in a free fall of noise. Though you may recognize the landscape, you never have the opportunity to get comfortable – this allows the track to change its affect with each new listen.

The full self-titled album is available from Time of Asking records (UK) and is packaged as a beautiful, limited edition handmade book. As of now, there are only 6 left. Get on it.

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