Supersister “Dona Nobis Pacem (DJ Shadow Remix)”

supersister-dona-nobis-pacem-dj-shadow-remixTurntablist extraordinaire, DJ Shadow just dropped his newest remix, a take on 70s Dutch prog band Supersister‘s “Dona Nobis Pacem.” Shadow became acquainted with Supersister’s keyboardist, Robert Jan Stips in the mid-90s. As the story goes, Stips and Shadow met in 2010 at one of Shadow’s shows and the two discussed a possible remix. “It just seemed appropriate,” says Shadow, “Given how influenced I’ve been by RJ Stips’ playing. Plus, it’s a great way to draw attention not only to the songs I’ve sampled, but their broader work as well.” Here the idea comes to fruition in the form of a trippy remix inspired by elements of footwork and the contemporary California beat scene.