Talib Kweli: Radio Silence

In the midst of a 15 year celebration of his debut album Quality, Brooklyn native Talib Kweli, releases his 8th album Radio Silence. Clearly Talib is no novice to the rap culture; Radio Silence blesses the listener with sounds of jazz, indie electronica, and touches of symphonic harmony over heavy beats. Through structured sound, in a sophisticate manner he delivers a conscious message about politickin, women, self-awareness, and the power of energy. Known for his underground true to hip hop sound, lyrics throughout Radio Silence, entice the listener to contemplate, assess, and acknowledge the bullshit and beauty life is constantly feeding us. Staying true to the “woke rapper act”, Talib’s lyrics breathe life into the listener allowing a sense of decompression of societal stress.

Introductory track “Magic Hour” is reacclimation of Talib’s down to earth sound. A track full of expressions of self-evolution. A message, nothing short of inspiring the listener to “get hungry “. “Failing is not an option”, a lyric to stay committed in adversity. Beaming light on the fact, hip hop culture will only flourish in the proper care, what a profound statement! In lamest terms new age rappers “get your shit in order” or hip hop will die. Mid album, “Radio Silence,” a track with an introspective narrative, engaging the listener to ponder on man’s most asked question, what is the meaning of Life? Featuring songstress Amber Coffman, her voice provides a sultry indie sound. Radio Silence sporadically gives a “jazz fix” creating a mental stimulation from the rich sounds of the horn. “Heads up Eyes Open” featuring Rick Ross uses Hip Hop to spread inspiration through sound. Inspiring us to believe in what we cannot see, and the importance of faith. Detesting the act of walking head down and eyes closed, which is the equivalence to ignorance, this track reassures wokeness and faith equals manifestation.

Radio Silence is a direct unapologetic narration seen through the eyes of Talib Kweli. An artful perception of the world and the purpose of life presented, lyrically. He reminds us he will never read from the banal cultural scripts, “average” rappers constantly do. With such intricate pose, Radio Silence carries an electric vibe that has the dual ability to not only be heard but also felt. Thank You Talib.

Rating: 7.8/10

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