Taylor Swift: Evermore

Move over, Hallmark movies – there’s a new way for people to feel warm and fuzzy for an hour straight, and it’s none other than Taylor Swift‘s new album Evermore. If you’ve ever found yourself staring out of the car window on a rainy day playing the singer-songwriter’s 2006 hit “Teardrops On My Guitar” on repeat, then this entire album is going to blow your mind.

Evermore is Swift’s ninth studio album and undeniably made the end of such an awful year seem more like a promising beginning. Right off the bat with the album’s song “Willow,” fans of the 1973 album Buckingham Nicks might feel a twinge of nostalgia as the intro very subtly mirrors “Stephanie.” Another cozy observation can be made about Evermore‘s “Long Story Short.” The Postal Service has remained consistent in pairing quick beats with slower vocals, with songs like “We Will Become Silhouettes” and “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” providing great examples of this. In Swift’s “Long Story Short” the very same style can be easily recognized, only enhancing the song’s already highly enjoyable qualities.

It wouldn’t be 2020 without a dash of disappointment, and unfortunately, the one song that was expected to stand out the most delivered the opposite of what was expected. “Evermore ft. Bon Iver” could have done beautifully, but the addition of the “Skinny Love” singer himself is what condemned the piece. As two separate artists, both Taylor Swift and Bon Iver have immense talent and their own styles that have kept them afloat and successful for a long time. Pairing Iver’s vinyl-esque, tenor-like vocals with Swift’s lower, softer melodies was not what the recipe called for, though, and made the song seem unbalanced and hard to lose yourself within. It was an extra puzzle piece – it simply didn’t fit.

The album ended on a charming note, however, as “It’s Time To Go” screamed “ending to a timeless romantic comedy” from start to finish. It was twinkly and dreamy, and I wouldn’t mind sticking around for the credits if this was the song that accompanied them. Ultimately, Evermore has secured itself as an album overflowing with warmth and joy, and it will remain a timeless work of art.

Rating: 8.0/10

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