TeamMate: TeamMate

Hollywood dreams really can come true; Scott Simons and Dani Buncher channeled their emotions, recovering from their very own break up, into music: together. The duo known as TeamMate just dropped their debut self-titled album. The direction is clear; TeamMate is establishing a solid alternative pop and electronic sound.

Inspiration from The 1975 is evident throughout the songs, which deliver the correct mood, but not message. Rather than the chic electronic vibe that The 1975 gives off, TeamMate is more or less the Beach Boys discovering modern technology for the first time. A definite album path is not clear, and the songs are rather experiential beats, which, though they make impressive homemade tunes, do not incorporate well enough to complete the album.

Obviously, every song isn’t the same, but listening to the entire album through will have your brain arguing this well-known fact. Initially, the songs seem, at the least, exceedingly similar. A combination of repetitive background beats and a lack of catchy tunes results in a loss of interest when that two minute mark rolls around. Each song has an addictive, electro-pop atmosphere surrounding it, yet fails to commit itself to memory. Nevertheless, TeamMate would not make bad background music for an indie pop party.

Rating: 5.9/10

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