The Big Pink: Tapes

The Big Pink: Tapes
K7 Records new Tapes series seems to be indie rock’s answer to DJ Kicks. The inaugural edition of the Tapes series is mixed by London’s The Big Pink.
The Big Pink are a fairly new and relatively little known band here in the States. The group has only released one album, last year’s A Brief History of Love. The album obtained a decent amount of success in the band’s native UK and in Belgium but did not crack the top 100 in the US. But solid reviews from Pitchfork and NME have left the band very well respected in blog-hip circles.
I assume their respect in the blogosphere will only grow with the release of their Tapes mix. The compilation contains many tracks by bands the blogosphere absolutely loves. Tracks by Gang Gang Dance, JJ, Salem, and The XX all scream “I read Brooklyn Vegan and indeed am cooler than you”.
Although avant garde indie bands rule the compilations track listing, it is the more electronic artists that make the biggest impact in my opinion. England’s Henny Moan score big with the dubstep track, “Vreg Dreams (Little Slow Mix)”. Dubstep’s biggest star, Joker also makes an appearance on the compilation. His 2008 single “Snake Eater” elevates the compilation with its grime beat and Passion Pit-esque sampling.
But as a whole, the compilation does not work for me. The transitions are rocky at best but my biggest problem is the track listing. Let it be known that I am not big into the modern indie avant garde movement but nothing about the tracks featured on this compilation peak my interest to investigate more. It comes down to audience; lovers of avant garde indie probably already own a good deal of these track. Non-fans are listening to the compilations to see if they could be interested in the genre and I just don’t think this mix is going to excite anybody.
Rating: 2.1/10
MP3: Henny Moan “Vreg Dreams (Little Slow Mix)”
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