The Dodos “Goodbyes and Endings”

The first time I heard Visiter, I was floored by how far The Dodos could stretch two instruments. Not even complete ones, at that – Logan Kroeber’s West African-influenced patterns are played without a bass drum and Meric Long often abandons a pick in favor of his nails. The duo’s approach and the music on Visiter was both timely and ancient. I personally fell off on keeping up with the band and checked out their follow-up releases with curiosity more than a thirst. Nothing really hit me as hard as that first listen so I filed them away, fondly.

Maybe it’s the fraternity that the newest Dodos song “Goodbyes and Endings” shares with “Fools”, but it’s impossible to not be reengaged and excited for their next album Individ, out January 27th, 2015 on Polyvinyl. Rather than taking time off from 2013’s emotionally charged Carrier, which was written in the wake of friend and collaborator Christopher Reimer’s untimely death, the band immediately returned to the studio to shake the dust and capture the upswing of their grieving process. If “Goodbyes and Endings” is any indicator, Individ will be an excellent fire to warm up against in the later Winter months.

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