The Nighty Nite: Dimples

The Nighty Nite: Dimples
The first line of the Nighty Nite’s press release is pure poetry. It reads “The Nighty Nite creates a tragic black comedy soundtrack to a meaningless existence, as if Woody Allen made a horror movie about a punk rock band.” How does that make you not want to listen to the band’s debut EP, Dimples?
The band seems to be almost guaranteed to be good. It features Grammy nominated recording engineer John Congleton and Jason Garner of The Paper Chase. The possibility for well-produced noise rock seems endless. The four songs on Dimples are just that, noisy tidbits of alternative rock.
The EP’s first track and lead single, “Dimes In Their Dimples” is the best song on the album. The song mixes the noisiness of Grinderman with the vocal stylings of The Dismemberment Plan. The main problem I have with the song is its tempo. The song has the tempo of a sludge rock song; it is slow and plodding and at five minutes long, feels at least twice as long as it should.
Fortunately, the tempo problems do not plague the entire EP. Most notably, the closing track “Meaningless” picks up the pace but it does not quite have the same catchiness as “Dimes in their Dimples.”
In the end, the point of the EP is to introduce the band and I think Dimples does that successful. The four tracks are similar enough that listeners get the idea of what to expect from a full length from The Nighty Nite. Hopefully, when they do release a full length it is filled with more tracks like “Dimes In Their Dimples”.
Rating: 7.2/10
MP3: The Nighty Nite “Dimes in their Dimples”
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