The Perfects: Future Automatic

the perfectsThe Perfects: Future Automatic
Electro-Rock bands have always blurred the edges between guitar rock and dance type synthesized sounds. Back in the 80’s you had bands like Duran Duran and The Cure. Into the 90’s there were Nine Inch Nails and Garbage. Today we have The Killers and Muse. You get the idea. The Perfects fall very much into that line except that they sound like hybrid of the modern sound and the classic one from the 80’s.
Right from the start of Future Automatic, Ric Peters’ voice made me think of Duran Duran and The Cure. There’s a bit of that whiny aspect to it that seemed to define those singers. And the heavy bass coupled with light guitar brought on those early melodies of the genre. But there is also a fresher crisp to the songs.
While the music does have a repetitive quality to it, it doesn’t seem as simple as the early 80’s bands did. There are more complex twists and turns throughout the songs that the more complex listener of today’s music, what with teens knowing all about computers and other technology, that are demanded by a forward looking audience.
There’s plenty of fodder here for remixes, which the band probably won’t mind. Its one of the advantages of the genre since it gets plenty of exposure from other artists tweaking the tracks a bit. Overall, Future Automatic is a nice album. At seven tracks it seems short, something easily consumed in half an hour. It does give you an idea as to who The Perfects are. The album is a bit dark in mood for my tastes. I’m more of an uptempo, airy melody fan myself. Future Automatic seems lower on the spectrum. Be sure to give them a listen. I’m sure there’s tons of fans in hiding that will be glad to discover The Perfects if they haven’t already.
Rating: 6.1/10
MP3: The Perfects “The Hidden”
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