The Robots: Hey Buddy, Dummy

hey buddydummyThe Robots: Hey Buddy, Dummy
Last Tuesday, April 6th, The Robots snuck in a release of their own. Hey Buddy, Dummy was dropped through the Night Danger Label. This rock band from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, way up in Canada, make their big move to be heard further from that island. They’re hoping to make a big splash on the East Coast scene currently.
For the most part, The Robots sound is reminiscent of The Pixies. That is to say, they’re a bit unconventional. What they do well is tell a story that incorporates the music. Or perhaps, said better, the music gives the story action. The track “Drunk Uncles” starts with some slow guitar play and lead singer Peter Rankin joining in vocally. When the music picks up, it seems to stumble slowly bringing the listener along on the meandering journey of a drunken man.
“I Didn’t Know What I Was Saying” starts out with a fast strumming of the same high pitched chord, akin to the intro to “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The piano joins in to give the music action, and then the song is off into a frenzied cacophony of notes going high and low. The song creates an atmosphere of a panicked mind and time rushing by as the control of vocal senses in the story is lost. It finishes off with Rankin singing “I didn’t know what I was saying. I didn’t know what I was going on about.”
Overall, its Rankin’s words that seem to be a key part of the music. He’s got more going on beneath the surface of his lyrics. Just a few words from the track “The Cape” show what I’m talking about. The cape he speaks of is a barrier. Its what stands between him and his dreams. And yet, Rankin shares “on the rocks I hesitate…it’s my way out”. Or perhaps, the cape is the wrong answer to some query he has.
Unfortunately, Hey Buddy, Dummy does become a little boring. Most notably is “RIS” which is an instrumental track that adds nothing to the album. I felt it out of place and wondered where the magic of the lyrics had gone to. Still, fans of The Pixies, and even Sonic Youth, will definitely find a sound here that they can relate to.
Rating: 6.1/10
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