The So So Glos: Low Back Chain Shift

The So So Glos: Low Back Chain Shift
The So So Glos have really come out of nowhere to be one of the bands on the verge of blowing up. I posted up their single “Lindy Hop” back in September. The group released the single just before heading to CMJ festival. The single got a great response from my readers and from the blogosphere in general. The So So Glos’ performance at CMJ won them a good deal of fans and a good size industry buzz. Now the band releases their EP, Low Back Chain Shift.
The EP manages to pack a lot of the So So Glos personality into just five songs. “Lindy Hop” showcases the band’s manic energy. The guitar’s have a certain surf rock quality to them while the vocals sound like a cross between Blake Schwarzenbach and Tim Armstrong. While the track is undeniably awesome, it is not exactly representative of the band’s sound.
The album’s opening track “Fred Astaire” features the same sort of energy as “Lindy Hop” but the vocals are much smoother and more composed. The urgency of “Lindy Hop” is missing replaced by some sort of euphoria; it still works remarkably well.
One track in particular does not work well; “New Stance” is a mostly acoustic track. While the track is more intricate than just a man with his guitar, the toned down energy level does not work well for the So So Glos. The track definitely has potential but it needs to be kicked up a couple BPMs to really work in the context of the EP.
With the exception of “New Stance”, the EP is full of exciting, energetic music. I am not willing to rush into hyperbole and call it the best ep of the year or anything but I will say that The So So Glos have made it known they are an indie rock force to be reckoned with.
Rating: 8.3/10
MP3: The So So Glos “Fred Astaire”
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