The Vita Ruins: A Day Without A Name

thevitaruinsThe Vita Ruins: A Day Without A Name
From the Nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C., The Vita Ruins release their self produced A Day Without A Name. Having opened for acts such as KENNA, Holy Fuck, and Malajube, it is no surprise that The Vita Ruins utilize the electronic side of music for their sound. In fact, I’d consider the Indie act an electro-pop act that touches on noise-pop from time to time. But, they are less poppy than the before mentioned acts they’ve opened for.
“Seven Suns” uses a bass that would be optimal for noise-pop, but its hushed a bit as though the band feared the neighbors might complain. The whole song plays off the bass, drums, and keys. It makes for a nice melody, but does sound simplistic. By that I mean, it is pleasant but nowhere near as complex as Holy Fuck’s “Lovely Allen” with the movements.
“All the Kids Must be Sleeping” gets even louder, sounding a bit like the intro to “Are You There?” by Oleander. It settles down afterward. The bass, which seems to hover just beneath the surface, carries the song most of the way through. The melody is then tossed back and forth between the keys and the guitar in an auditory game of volleyball. The whole thing works quite well and makes the track one of the standouts of the album.
“Coffin Dodgers” begins with more electronics, this time mimicking the sort sound a chorus of violins might create. The bass and drums come together giving movement to the song, which has a dance undertone to it. The song reminds me of Ceremony, only not nearly as loud.
Overall, A Day Without A Name is quite average. In my younger days I may have fallen more for its allure. But these days, I’m more apt to go for a fuller sound such as Holy Fuck is known for. But the fact that the band taught themselves the whole production aspect of music while recording this album could be the excuse for its simpler sound. I’m sure as they record more and more they’ll be able to expand on their sound.
A Day Without A Name was released October 5th.
Rating: 4.8/10
MP3: The Vita Ruins “Coffin Diggers”
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