This Town Needs Guns, Emma Ruth Rundle, & Mylets @ The Space, Hamden 11.05.2014

Not since Elephant 6 has there been such a unique concept of a record label as Sargent House. The label is a collective of friends and friends of friends. So when the bands tour together (which they often do), its not unusual to see them collaborate on stage. In the case of this Wednesday night in Hamden, Mylets‘ Henry Kohen had no problem hopping up on stage and playing bass for one of This Town Needs Guns‘ new tracks. The collaboration made sense. Henry had remarked during his set that this was the third time touring with TTNG, having previously toured the US and once Europe with the band. The two bands’ share similar styles of complex guitar work, mathy time signatures, and emotive vocals.

Emma Ruth Rundle was a bit of the oddity on the show. Sandwiched between opener Mylets and headliners TTNG, she was one woman with a guitar. Every song was very steady and soft with her emotive voice sounding somewhere between Sinead O’Connor and the Cranberries. Even with the major differences, she was invited on stage to collaborate with TTNG; although she turned down the opportunity.

Still the good feeling in the air of a group of friends on tour together made for an entertaining show. Although all three bands are quite emotive and serious, the back and forth between the bands made for a fun and often humorous show. Definitely a tour to check out when it comes to your area.

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