Tim Carr: The Last Day of Fighting

Demonstrating his long-developed musical interests and talents, Tim Carr has finally dropped his debut album, The Last Day of Fighting. After spending ages working with an assortment of musicians, artists, and producers (all of whom he proudly lists on his webpage, for those looking to sit down with a cup of coffee and figure out who these people are), Carr has finally crafted his very own work of art. The soothing rhythms and the quirky, gentle melodies in The Last Day of Fighting will either leave you feeling content with the simplicity of life, or yearning for more.

Opening with an array of casual tunes and accented notes that almost sound wrong until they bring the entire song together, Carr sets the standards high with an incredible instrumental. Throughout the next few songs, he fights to unite folk, country, and soft rock, while leaving behind a warm alternative mood. Echoing drums and riveting guitar skills enhance the album’s depth and strive to make up for the uneventful nature of the album as a whole.

Despite a lack of turning point, the point itself is made; Tim Carr has produced an album uniting nature, instrument, and man, deliberately demanding peace and The Last Day of Fighting.

Rating: 4.7/10

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