Too Late for Roses: Debut

Too Late for Roses: Debut
Boston-band Too Late for Roses releases their debut album which they have wittily titled Debut. The album is a mishmash of 90s alternative with esoteric influences like blues, classic rock, and African rhythms.
The most important part of the description I used above is “90s alternative”. Too Late for Roses could have been a big hit in the late 90s but today I fail to see Debut‘s appeal. Take the opening track “Take Me Out” for example. The track starts with Rihanna “Umbrella” style drums interplaying with some bluesy guitar. That is all well and good, although it feels a little passe. But once the vocals start, its as if the definition of passe is rewritten special for them. The vocals have the attitude of Axl Rose without the shrill highs Axl could pull off. They also have mild distortion put on them with make them sound less human and more like an instrument. While that might work for some bands, it instead just makes the lyrics hard to understand except the part of the chorus where he sings “take me out”.
The mediocrity continues throughout the album. Tracks like “So Gone” remind me of late 90s one hit wonders The Flys‘ “Got You (Where I Want You)”. “Pacifier” sounds like Creed without Scott Stapp’s patented baritone. There are probably several other unsavory 90s bands I could compare their individual songs to, but you get the impression.
Overall, the album just made me want to listen to my childhood 90s rock station. While there must be a market for a band like this, I do not think I’m the right demographic. Sure I have some nostalgia in me, but not enough to listen to modern bands that sound like they would have been just okay 12 years ago.
Rating: 1.4/10
MP3: Too Late for Roses “Take Me Out”
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