Premiere: Trevor James Tillery: In Moonlight EP

Los Angeles-based indietronic artist, Trevor James Tillery will release his In Moonlight EP on March 25th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to give you an exclusive listen to the entire EP.

The album’s lead single “Out of Time,” is an 80s-tinged, shimmering synth-filled song. Reminiscent of bands like M83, the track is the poppiest on the album. The follow up single, “Sleeptalking” is a little more indicative of the In Moonlight‘s overall sound; it’s a beautiful combination of atmospheric dream pop and alt-R&B. Other tracks like album opener, “The Dissonance Between Us” brings sweeping guitar arpeggios into the equation to create an epic sound.

Whether playing it a little more stripped down or with a fuller arrangement, Trevor James Tillery has a knack for creating gorgeous soundscapes. The six songs of In Moonlight create such a cohesive unit that it is hard to believe this is Trevor James Tillery debut. It bodes well for the rest of his career.

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