#TuesdayTop10: Michigan Songs

romney, santorum, michiganAlthough Arizona is having their primary today, the big story of the day is going to be how Mitt Romney fairs in his “home” state of Michigan. While it has been a foregone conclusion that Romney would win the state, in recent weeks Rick Santorum has been surging. So in order to get pumped for returns tonight, lets celebrate the Great Lake State.

10. The Milk Carton Kids “Michigan”
Eagle Rock, California acoustic duo, The Milk Carton Kids sing “Michigan/what am I supposed to do with you?” which seems like a fitting refrain for Mitt Romney. Many hypothesize that a loss in the state could put the Republican party in an odd place, perhaps even leading to a brokered convention.
MP3: The Milk Carton Kids “Michigan”

09. Willie The Kid featuring Guilty Simpson “Yes! Michigan”
With a remarkably similar title to another song on our countdown (spoiler alert: it’s the number one song), Willie The Kid‘s “Yes! Michigan” is not the joyous Michigan anthem that the title suggests.
MP3: Willie The Kid featuring Guilty Simpson “Yes! Michigan”

08. Ted Nugent “Motor City Madhouse”
Everyone pretty much knew that there was no way to have a countdown about Michigan and not include the Motor City Madman, right? Although Nugent is probably better known as a reality show star than a musician at this point, “Motor City Madhouse” still is an unofficial Detroit anthem.
MP3: Ted Nugent “Motor City Madhouse”

07. Catch 22 “Motown Cinderella”
Detroit seems to be battle ground for Romney vs Santorum but, maybe just like Motown is coming back, Gingrich will play Cinderella and pull off an upset? The chances are slim but great enough for a weak tie in to Catch 22‘s “Motown Cinderella.”
MP3: Catch 22 “Motown Cinderella”

06. The Gay Blades “Why Winter in Detroit?”
Primaries go right up until June, so why do state with significant snowfall insist on having primaries in the winter months? Detroit saw a decent amount of the white stuff this past weekend, although today is supposed to be a balmy 45. I only assume this is what the Gay Blades were thinking when they wrote “Why Winter in Detroit?”
MP3: The Gay Blades “Why Winter in Detroit?”

05. Superchunk “Detroit Has a Skyline”
In a career that is entering its third decade, I would venture to say “Detroit Has a Skyline” is one of the top 5 best Superchunk songs. Mac McCaughan’s lyrics of a crush that never panned out combines with his anguished vocals created the perfect anthem for sad teenage boys.
MP3: Superchunk “Detroit Has a Skyline (Live Acoustic Version)”

04. Kiss “Detroit Rock City”
Much like everyone knew the Nug would be on this countdown, everyone knew Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City” would be here. The song is so great that a mediocre teen comedy was made about it in the 90s. That is pretty great.

03. Chad Kush “Michigan”
Detroit rapper, Chad Kush attempts to summarize the existence of the average Detroit resident in “Michigan.” With lines like “It’s Detroit/everybody seems unemployed,” he seems to do a more than adequate job.
MP3: Chad Kush “Michigan”

02. The Anniversary “D In Detroit”
The Anniversary wrote the perfect presidential song with “D In Detroit.” The D (democrats) have owned Detroit (and Michigan) for since the presidential elections of 1992. Obama certainly hopes to keep that going in 2012.
MP3: The Anniversary “D In Detroit”

01. Sufjan Stevens “Say Yes! To Michigan!”
The often economically hurting Michigan got a big boost when native son and indie rock darling, Sujan Stevens released his album Michigan in 2003. Taken from an old state tourism board slogan, “Say Yes! To Michigan!” is what candidates have been doing all week with many of them doing the majority of the campaigning in the state. Who Michigan will say yes to, we’ll have to wait and see until tonight.
MP3: Sufjan Stevens “Say Yes! To Michigan!”

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