#TuesdayTop10: Valentine’s Day Songs

Valentine’s Day’s modern association with love can be traced back to a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer, written in 1382. Since that time many famous Valentine’s Day poems have been written by poets such as Shakespeare, John Donne, and Edmund Spenser. In modern times, poems have given to Valentine’s Day songs. We countdown ten of our favorite Valentine’s Day songs.

10. Drew Danburry “Gary’s Valentine’s Day Song”
The closing track from Drew Danburry‘s 2010 album, Goodnight Gary, “Gary’s Valentine’s Day Song” is an odd little track that sounds like a combination between Modest Mouse and The Microphones.

09. Chuck Ragan “Valentine”
Hot Water Music frontman, Chuck Ragan has released several solo acoustic albums. His latest album was last year’s Covering Ground which included the track “Valentine,” a male/female duet.
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08. The Replacements “Valentine”
Pleased to Meet Me was the Replacements‘ first album without Bob Stinson and their only album recorded as a trio. Although not the most famous cut from the album, “Valentine” is the most Valentine’s Day related song on the album.

07. Bruce Springsteen “Valentine’s Day”
Tunnel of Love is one of Bruce Springsteen‘s least performed set of songs. It might be because most of the songs are abut Springsteen’s divorce from actress Julianne Phillips. The album’s closing track is “Valentine’s Day,” a heartbreaking mostly acoustic ballad that includes lines like “So hold me close honey, say you’re forever mine/And tell me you’ll be my lonely valentine.”

06. Paul McCartney “My Valentine”
If you missed the Grammys this past Sunday, you missed Paul McCartney busting out a sweet white tux to sing his new single, “My Valentine.” The track is on McCartney’s recently released album, Kisses on the Bottom.
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05. Tom Waits “Blue Valentines”
Released in 1978, Tom WaitsBlue Valentine was his third Gold album in the UK. The album’s closing track, “Blue Valentines” is a slow, barren track that includes Waits’ finest guitar solo.

04. Justice “Valentine”
There really is nothing very lovey about Justice‘s instrumental “Valentine” but the track has always been one of my favorite non-single tracks from their debut album, Cross.

03. Bad Plus “My Funny Valentine”
I am not a big vocal jazz fan but if there is one vocal jazz standard I enjoy, it is “My Funny Valentine.” Written in 1937 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart for the musical, Babes in Arms. The track has been recorded by the likes of Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis.

02. Outkast “Happy Valentine’s Day”
Taken from Andre 3000‘s The Love Below, “Happy Valentine’s Day” is probably the most upbeat song included in this countdown. Andre experiments with funk and neo-soul on the hand-clapping jam.

01. The Get Up Kids “Valentine”
When I began brainstorming for this list, the first song that jumped into my mind was The Get Up Kids‘ “Valentine.” Taken from their 1999 album, Something to Write Home About, “Valentine” was the ultimate emo Valentine’s Day anthem.

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