Premiere: Tuff Sunshine “Dynamite” (Official Music Video)

After winning accolades from My Old Kentucky Blog and The Huffington Post, Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere Tuff Sunshine‘s video for “Dynamite.” The video features a re-purposed evangelical film from WWII era-director Charles O. Baptista. The film is in the public domain so the band uses it to visualize their the track which is reminiscent of Blue-era Weezer. Charles O. Baptista, a Venezulean-born, US-educated piano salesman, started Scriptures Visualized Institute to produce educational and evangelism films. The films stood out since they often used very simple concepts and animation to bring their message to public. During World War II, projectors were in short supply, so the company partnered with audiovisual manufacturer Devry to create the Miracle Projector an inexpensive projector that was thus more accessible to churches. By the early 1950s, Baptista was doing more with filmstrips and audiovisual equipment than with 16mm film a shift that tied up much of the company’s money and led to their ultimate demise in the 1960s.

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