Untied States: Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

Atlanta’s Untied States have been making their unique mixture of noise pop, garage rock, and arena rock for the better part of a decade. On their fourth album, Instant Everything, Constant Nothing the group continues to make dynamic rock music.

From song to song, the apt comparisons and influences of Untied States seem to change. “Not Fences, Mere Masks” sounds like …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead covering something off of Cursive’s Domestica. “These Dead Birds” has Radiohead-esque verses and a Fugazi sounding chorus.

The greatest strength with their dynamic approach to songwriting is you never know what the next song will bring. But the downfall is, it can make the album feel a little clunky and uneven. Some songs contain odd stylistic changes that are awkward at best. I know the music is supposed to be a little heady, but I might enjoy something just slightly more dumbed down for accessibility’s sake.

Rating: 4.8/10

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