Various Artists: Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack Volume 4

Various Artists: Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack Volume 4
I admit that I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy but gave up after Isaiah Washington called T. R. Knight a “faggot.” It was not like I thought Grey’s Anatomy was a great show to begin with but it was a passable show with a fairly good soundtrack. The sad moments (aka the end of many episodes) included some heart-wrenching acoustic ballad but during happy moments they features music by groups like The Boy Least Likely To and Rilo Kiley. The series’ fourth soundtrack continues to showcase indie artists including Scars on 45, The Boxer Rebellion, and Delta Spirit.
The soundtrack kicks off with one of my favorite track of the year, Lykke Li‘s “Get Some.” Lykke Li has obviously become a larger name since the success of her debut album, Youth Novels but there is still something admirable about such a high profile soundtrack featuring her. The same can be said for them featuring Peter Bjorn and John even though they use the band’s commercially licensed anthem “Second Chance.”
The only really major commercial artist included on the soundtrack is Cee Lo Green but at least the executives in charge of music were wise enough not to use “Fuck You.” Instead they use “Old Fashioned,” a deep cut from The Lady Killer. The understated gospel song was probably used in some horribly sad scene after a patient died or something.
The end of the soundtrack is pretty much purely populated with “our patient just died” songs. Tracks by The Quiet King, The Republic Tigers, and Tim Myers really drag the soundtrack into “depressing as hell” territory. It’s too bad really because the soundtrack starts on a really upbeat note and it continues for about half the soundtrack but once it goes downhill, it goes downhill fast.
Rating: 5.3/10
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