Verbulance: Pure Imagination EP

From the first chords of Pure Imagination the namesake sample and instrumental production style let you know this is going to be straight, no frills New York rap. The spoken-word roots of the two MC’s – Content Carter and Diztrubance are showcased heavily on each verse, with strong lyrical wordplay keeping every bar interesting.

The standout wordplay for Content Carter is Al Dente,” a fast-paced track with operatic sampling that acts as a nice counterpoint to the hard verses. Another track that wins points for creativity is “Vanilla Sky.” The production is trippy, and references to the dream-turned-nightmare fits the tone of the song perfectly.

For freshman to the scene. Verbulance strike a mature balance between production and lyricism which, while it may not be the most popular in the Migos era of rap, is unique to the space. The influences of Lupe Fiasco, Nas and Mos Def is strikingly obvious, but with the addition of a little bit more ignorance to keep this relevant to a street level.

Rating: 7.5/10

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