Video Rewind 01.08.2016

Boss Selection featuring Rashida Jones “Flip and Rewind”

Rashida Jones has been very busy as of late. Not only is her new series Angie Tribeca showing on TBS, but she’s also been laying vocals and directing. She’s featured on Boss Selection’s new track “Flip and Rewind, and she directed the video. It starst off with Rashida heading back to her trailor after finishing a day’s work and face timing Jermaine Dupri. They both agree that they miss the 90’s and that’s when the music starts. Rashida is able to hit several of the looks from the 90’s down to the hair, clothes, and dance moves. She also mimics some of the more popular videos from then. If you’re nostalgic for the 90’s, too, then this video is for you.

Cardiknox “On My Way”

Two things particularly drew my eye to “On My Way” by Cardiknox. As the video starts we get Lonnie, of the group, outdoors on the patio of La Cita, a latin dance club in L.A. As she starts dancing, she makes her way indoors, down a hall, and into the club. Here, the light is mostly red, but the transition down the hallway is dramatic in its tones, especially wit the door open behind her and the sunlight shining through. The other aspect I like about this video is when Lonnie brings out the front doors. She continues to dance on the street even as onlookers gawk. Thomas, also of the group, joins her, and the two stay focused straight to the end of the video. I mean, some of these onlooker are staring like the two are being really weird. That’s strange in itself as I’m pretty sure you can see much weirder things than people dancing on the streets of L.A.

The Christopher David Hanson Band “Basket of Bones”

I don’t have an office job, but at times I feel like I’m working for the devil. Retail can be that way. Our hero in the video for “Basket of Bones” by The Christopher David Hanson Band works in an office where his boss is the devil. Everyone there has little horns on their heads. His boss clearly has big horns on his head. And then there’s one girl who’s wearing hat. Turns out she’s pretty nice, and she likes our boy. She gives him a flower and invites him out. Turns out she’s got a halo, but she really likes him. He spends the night, but they don’t have sex. She’s an angel, after all. In the morning he wakes up and goes to take a shower. When he gets out, he notices in the mirror that he’s got a halo, too. Chances are, he’s going to start feeling pretty good about himself.

DJ Fresh & High Contrast featuring Dizzee Rascal “How Love Begins”

“How Love Begins” is what happens when DJ Fresh, High Contrast, and Dizzee Rascal come together. The video features dancers who appear to be more like 80’s fitness models on a workout program. In a Twilight Zone style twist of fate they escape their channel. At one point they are dancing around a family just trying to have dinner at home. As the channel changes they find themselves in the middle of a police drama where at one point a police officer on a crutch even mouths “what is going on here?” We also get Dizzee as the star of his own show on the fictional news network FNN. I don’t know that any of this explains how love begins, but everyone looks to be having fun. That is, except for that blue haired lady.

The Production “Good Ol’ Fashion Bloodletting”

So “Good Ol’ Fashion Bloodletting” by The Production sounds like a lost B-side to The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. The video for it is in a similar vein. We have a cult that are dressed about glam-rock as the musical, but perhaps a little more toned down. We have the morbid being the popular thing, as they are about to bleed two new sacrifices for some ritual. We also have plenty of shots to drawings of the strange practices that people have been part of over the years. There’s one, where I’m sure they’re punishing a woman for being a witch, where a stake is driven through her vagina and out her back. There she hangs like this on the stake. I’m glad we’ve come to realize, witch or not, that is not what a vagina is intended for. Happy weekend everyone!

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