Video Rewind 01.11.2013

Leland Sundries “Givin’ Up Redheads”

Until recently I had a thing for redheads. Elvis impersonator Relvis stars in the new Leland Sundries video for “Givin’ Up Redheads”. We see Relvis deal with his no good, disrespecting, and cheating redhead woman. Relvis decides to give up the redheads. First we get to see a great danceoff scene between Relvis and the other man. I mean, honestly, who thinks they can take an Elvis impersonator in a danceoff? As a side note, I gave up redheads because I just couldn’t find one.
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Foxygen “San Francisco”

I really like the sets in this video. Set in what is to be a hotel room, we get the tale of a man who leaves his love in San Francisco. He’s held up in a hotel thinking about her. I like the couch, I love the viewfinder. The shag carpeting is killer. The clothes are nice, and our lovelorn hero’s dance moves are great. I hope to stay in a swanky hotel like this one day. I’ll listen to this song, and watch this video there.

James Iha “Speed of Love”

Something about this video makes me think of David Bowie. Am I alone there? If you’ve been missing James Iha, you get plenty of him in a shiny suit. You also get the typical female lead in a white dress and ballerina shoes. I don’t doubt her talent, but I wish the choreography was better. I want so badly to do anything one day and just have multicolored spotlights go on behind me. I don’t know if I’d look cool, but James Iha sure does with this effect. I also get an 80’s feel to this video. There’s a boy. There’s a girl. Nothing else about the song matches the video. Love it.

100dBs and Ryan-O’Neil featuring DJ Far East “Wait A Minute”

It’s like a city safari. 100dBs and Ryan-O’Neil tour the city disapprovingly looking at all forms of the hipster artist. From painter, to poet, to DJ, to writer, to film-maker. They have something against the hipster community. Can you blame them? Everything is a trend these days. Hopefully this video won’t be.
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Zedd featuring Foxes “Clarity”

You get skies, and sands, and light bulbs turned on and crashing into each other. It’s a visual explosion of colors and textures with sound. There’s a lot of destruction going on here. If you ever wanted to see a teardrop fall, this video is your chance. It’s amazing what high definition can show. The visuals are great and coincide with the topic of the song, a volatile relationship that can be great or blow up completely.
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