Video Rewind 01.24.2013

RDGLDGRN “Doing the Most”

For their latest single “Doing the Most”, RDGLDGRN have shot a video that’s a little bit of an introduction to who they are. The video lets us all know that each band member only wears one color either red, gold, or green. You can tell which is which by the color they wear as they also call themselves their respective color. The video goes on to inform us how they quit their jobs and made a music video for the internet and somehow that led them to working with legends of the music business such as Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl. I guess there is something to be said about how you can accomplish more when you have less to worry about. I’m just not sure we should all be wearing one color all the time. “Doing the Most” is off of RDGLDGRN’s album Red Gold Green.
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Marijuana Deathsquads “Ewok Sadness”

Heartbreak is a part of life, and dealing with it is always difficult. In their latest video for “Ewok Sadness”, Marijuana Deathsquads show us what it’s like obsessing over famous people. The video features an Ewok who is hardcore into worshiping comedian Jacy Catlin. After a bad encounter with JC, where the Ewok is embarrassed by his hero, things go bad. There is a mental breakdown and a public display of suicide. Eerily, the audience claps at this as though it were some intense form of street art. The sad thing is with all this virtual bullying that is going on, there are people who write things like, “you should just go kill yourself”. I don’t put it past some group of people applauding something like this. It’s possible this is our future. “Ewok Sadness” is off of Oh My Sexy Lord.
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Saint Motel “My Type”

Saint Motel’s latest single has a great disco feel to it. One of the things I miss about music is how it used to involve dance numbers and performances of epic proportions. We don’t get that as much anymore. For their video to “My Type”, they used some old footage of an Italian 70’s disco show. In it, they edited lead singer AJ and have him singing and sort of dancing while the backup dancers really cut a rug. I believe disco sort of fell out of the way side once fewer and fewer people knew how to really dance. That’s why we have so many clubs nowadays where you’re basically grinding on the other person. No real skill required.
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Polly Scattergood “Subsequently Lost”

In her latest release off of Arrows, Polly Scattergood deals with a bit of moving on. The video features Polly, originally appearing with a blank stare and electrodes attached to her head. The song deals with losing one’s mind when a person leaves their life. She sort of does seem lost. She’s at a garden. She’s on the road standing in front of a car. She’s in the woods. She is truly lost, not being able to find a place that is comfortable. She is also alone. The woods are likely to be deserted. The street is dark, so we might just not be seeing them. The garden is rather beautiful with its wooden structures. Hard to believe that she’s the only one there. But feeling alone is quite like that. You don’t even notice others around you.
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Drop Electric “Lucille”

I know that popular media makes sex out to be something that is best performed by the beautiful. For men, that usually means that you are to be quite fit with little fat to hid your muscles, and very smooth, except possibly for facial hair. For women, the same goes, or maybe even better if you don’t have any fat at all but the breasts and butt of a plumper gal. Look, the beautiful thing of skin on skin relations is that you have an actual relationship. Sometimes what isn’t pleasing to look at has a texture that is quite delightful. And if you actually care about a person then you have your favorite places to touch them. The body consists of more than just two eyes, but so often we are supposed to focus only with those eyes and succumb to someone else telling us what is and isn’t attractive, sexy, or appealing. With their video for “Lucille”, I think Drop Electric have demonstrated that the human body is a beautiful thing regardless of what anyone else says. I think everyone can find something appealing in this video. And if you can’t, you may be too brain washed to have your own opinions.

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