Video Rewind 02.08.2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Jubilee Street”

The video for Nick Cave‘s “Jubilee Street” is shot out of sequence. We follow a depressed older man. He walks down Jubilee Street and meets up with a prostitute. He likes to worship her feet. He likes other things too. He repeatedly visits her. She collects his money. He tries to escape some pain. In the end he dies in his underwear. The bed doesn’t even have sheets. There is some nudity, and I know how the viewers like the nudity. So sit back, and enjoy.
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MS MR “Fantasy”

MS MR’s new single for “Fantasy” deals with being in a relationship with a liar. You perceive things to be one way and they’re not. We get the girl who has been duped sitting in a restaurant. She’s going over and over how she could have been duped. Looking at the tv she sees a camcorder recording of herself spending time with her former beau. Isn’t it true that just after a breakup everything seems to remind you of the ex? Television, radio, books, things you see, things you hear. All of the above. You then get images of cheerleaders being supportive only to the point of actually throwing up glitter. That’s how a relationship with a total liar feels like. You build them up by cheering them on until you feel sick. Anger becomes an easy emotion, noted by the other patrons of the restaurant beginning to bang the tables just as the drums kick in. It’s all fantasy, even her running thoughts in her head. There is nothing on the tv. The cheerleaders aren’t real. The patrons don’t begin to bang on the table. It is all a fantasy.
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Boys Noize “What You Want”

In his new video for “What You Want”, Boys Noize shows us how to get super powers. First off you move to the Super Hero gated community. They all live together with security devices to keep us out. Here, they all have regular jobs like being a mailman or a mover. Only, here they get to use their powers to make work easier. The cheerleaders at the high school are super nice, but they have blue hair. Ultimately we learn that superheroism is like the Church of Scientology. They have a reverend and a large fancy church. You will be saddened to learn that all super hero costumes are made by children in a sweatshop. You will be happy to learn that if you join the church you get your super powers. Now to find this gated community.
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Fall Out Boy “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light Em Up]”

Fall Out Boy is not reuniting because they never broke up. They are preparing to release a new album. The first single is “My songs Know What You Did in the Dark [Light Em Up].” The video features 2 Chainz and two women in the middle of an isolated woodsy area. 2 Chainz gathers together some wood, and using gasoline starts a large fire. The women then come out from a black van and begin to throw Fall Out Boy’s instruments, records and paraphernalia into the fire. I guess this means that 2 Chainz isn’t fond of the band getting back in the recording studio. This isn’t a parking lot altercation. Nope, 2 Chainz one ups Chris Brown. The real surprise is at the end. As 2 Chainz finishes doing the goods in by using a flame thrower to make sure nothing survives we turn our attention to the back of the van. Just who might those hooded and tied up gentlemen be?
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Zeds Dead “Demons”

The only way to describe Zeds Dead‘s new video for “Demons” is to say it’s a mix between the Michael Jackson’s videos for “Thriller” and “Bad”. The choreography is done by Benjamin Millepied who you may recognize for his work on “Black Swan”. Check it out.
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