Video Rewind 03.01.2013

Thomas Azier “Angelene”

Thomas Azier’s sophomore EP Hylas 002 features the song “Angelene.” The song features with looking for a lost love. The video is dark. Coming home to an empty house angers Thomas leaving him in a rage that carries out the destruction of the furniture in his home. No worries, that’s what IKEA is for. Of course he knows where to find his Angelene. A long walk into the morning hours leads him to a club where Angelene is unhappy. In essence it is a very common tale today, particularly with music. Love isn’t the bright and shiny thing it used to be. Now people have issues, and baggage. There are women who don’t believe in love anymore. They don’t have a taste for romance. Good or bad, they run away from relationships. This only confuses the men of the world even more. No, men are not all good or innocent. There are those that will use and abuse you only ruining things for someone better that may come along the way. The bottom line is that love is a choice. You work for what you have. Neither Thomas or Angelene can fault the other for the way that their relationship has become. They only have themselves to blame.
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Dark Time Sunshine featuring Aesop Rock and Swamburger “Take My Hand”

Hip-Hop duo Dark Time Sunshine have a new album out called ANX. Their new single from the album features Aesop Rock and Swamburger, and is titled “Take My Hand.” What I like about this video is that it’s a group of guys all sitting together on a couch. When I think of the creative process, this is how it goes. You’re sitting together collaborating. Someone’s drinking. Someone’s playing with cards. Someone’s probably picking their nose. All in all you’re sitting in a room with your peers writing together. Seriously, Aesop Rock needs to work a little less on getting that booger. He writes so well already, imagine if he weren’t digging for treasure. In all seriousness, this video just speaks Hip-Hop to me because it’s not all glam and glitz. You’re not just waking up in the morning with a brand new song. It takes hours of work and you have to be able to do it with people you can laugh with when things get bogged down.
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Matt and Kim “It’s Alright”

If ever there were a music video I wish I were a part of, this would be it. Matt and Kim give us a true work of art in their video for “It’s Alright” from Lightning. I’ve had this desire to just videotape couples as they sleep next to each other during the night. I believe there may be a correlation to how they sleep compared to how well the relationship is going. This video is sort of how I imagine it to be. Matt and Kim are in bed when all of a sudden they begin to perform this choreographed dance entirely laying down. Almost entirely laying down. It’s fascinating for me to watch considering they are shooting this with their eyes closed. As a bonus, perhaps, you get to see what they look like in their underwear. There is also a bit of ass slapping and jiggling. This is true love right here.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper “The Nothing Pt. II”

Our stories begins with a fencer, check your Olympics, who abducts people. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s debut album featuring “The Nothing Pt. II” is called Ripley Pine. The video is weird. Our abductor has tied up her adbuctees around a table with pies on it. Hands behind their backs and necks tied to the person across from them, it looks like some kind of evil pie eating contest. It’s just torture, apparently. Lady Lamb herself yanks on the nylon rope causing all the victims to go face down in pie. Here comes the twist. The tables turn as the group rises up out of their restraints and grab Lady Lamb. Throwing her on the table they walk around slapping her with pie. They then tie her up, carry her out and leave her tied to a chair looking at the New York skyline in the night. There is snow. It is cold. My understanding of Stockholm syndrome is quite different. I guess this is just a way of showing that Karma doesn’t miss. If only we could all be there to see it do justice to those who have wronged us.

Mount Moriah “Bright Light”

Straight from their album Miracle Temple we get Mount Moriah new video for “Bright Light”. It reminds me of something from the 60’s or 70’s what with its live performance with light effects edited over it. It is apparently a take on EMDR light therapy. Go look it up. I’ve heard a bit about this type of therapy, but from what I understand it’s not this soothing. It actually forces you to deal with trauma. Afterwards patients have said that they did experience a calm, but this isn’t true for everybody. This video, on the other hand, does leave me calm. The lights remind me of this box my great-aunt had. You plugged it into the wall and these lights inside came on. They would spin and make cool patterns. I’ve no idea what it was for. So the light effects work well for me. Maybe I should give EMDR therapy a try.
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