Video Rewind 03.02.2012

Bon Iver “Towers”

As Bon Iver gears up for a new tour, he releases the video for “Towers” off Bon Iver, Bon Iver. At first, I didn’t know what to make of him. I have to say that once in a while I get his music. Other times, it doesn’t do much for me. It seems that’s the divide that people have. In this video for “Towers”, shot in Washington state, we get some very beautiful visuals. I’m not sure what to make of the lyrics or their correlation to the scenes shot. But it is beautiful to see the towers in all their forms: drawn, scale models, and the large ones at the end. And there is something to be said about the way the video ends. I keep coming back to it.
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Spose “Pop Song”

People think of Maine, and rappers don’t come to mind. But Spose is out to change that. His third album The Audacity! comes out April 17th. But you can check out the video for “Pop Song” from his last album “Happy Medium” now. In it, Spose tells us of the often told tale of getting signed to a record deal and then showing up to record and being told what kind of record you’re going to make. The story of the song is that the record lable wants to turn Spose into just another pop act. Literally. He goes through some interesting costume changes.
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Ane Brun ft. Jose Gonzalez “Worship”

Ane Brun‘s video for “Worship” plays out like some sort of macabre circus sideshow. A man strapped to a bed, being fed something that makes him hallucinate. It creates for some interesting scenes that include a flying whale that consumes him whole. Certainly, the video itself is a work of art that makes you think. The fact that it accompanies this song makes it more the so. “Worship” appears on the new album “It All Starts With One” that is being released May 1st.
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Mouse on Mars “Polaroyced”

With the release of their first album in six years “Parastrophics”, we see the return of Mouse on Mars. Their new video for the track “Polaroyced” was inspired by Gold Inferno. Who is that? He’s an American jumpstyle dancer. Needless to say, they could not track down the infamous masked man. So, instead they found a replacement and gave it a go. Not entirely sure how I feel about this video, but I figured it was worth a look.
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DJ Muggs ft. Dizzee Rascal “Snap Ya Neck Back”

Cypress Hill fans should know producer DJ Muggs. He’s just signed with Ultra Records to record his solo album “Bass For Your Face”. The first single “Snap Ya Neck Back” features British sensation Dizzee Rascal in a dub-hop banger. Nice to see Dizzee rocking an Oakland Raiders jacket; I had no idea he was an NFL fan. There’s a lot of Dizzee Rascal in the video, rapping for us the way he knows how. But they do go to town on a car. It’s like a hip hop show tailored for the Discovery Network. You know the people at Myth Busters enjoy wrecking stuff. This kinda resembles that.
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