Video Rewind 03.07.2014

Editors “Sugar”

Editors new single “Sugar” will be released March 24th. It is off their current album The Weight of Your Love. The video features the band performing the song in what looks to be a rundown building. Some fans or friends of the group are hanging out in the next room. When the music starts, physics is altered causing the fans or friends to be pulled and pushed in all directions. At times up is down and down is up. At other times the dimensions of the room change. The ceiling drops then lifts high. The walls changed, even enclosing the band members. At one point it looks as though some are stuck between two walls. It must be normal, or paranormal.

Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX “Fancy”

Iggy Azalea has teamed up with Charli XCX for her latest single “Fancy” which is available for preorder now. The video is a throwback to 1995’s Clueless which was the peak of Alicia Silverstone’s career and a cult classic. Iggy plays Cher Horowitz wearing some of the exact outfits that Alicia wore in the film. A few of the prize scenes from that film are recreated including the driving lesson with Dionne and Murray on the highway (where they almost die), waiting to play tennis in gym class, and the scene where Amber and Cher debate in class. It’s a fun video that brings back memories. It was even shot at the same high school where the film was made.

Pixies “Greens and Blues”

From their EP-2, the Pixies give us their latest single “Greens and Blues”. The video centers around a lonely graffiti artist who is the last man on earth. He goes about his business making art on the sides of buildings recording the presence of man. An astronaut returns to earth, because for some reason humanity as gone away. She washes up on the shore and the two meet. They become friends, though temporarily, as he shows her all the work that he has done. The concept for the video came from the suggestion that when they recorded the album they should think of themselves as having returned to Earth after 20 years away. Some of the visuals here are fantastic including both the art works, and some shots from the beach.

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger “Moth to a Flame”

Sean Lennon and his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl are writing music together as The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. Their latest single is “Moth to a Flame”. In the video, Sean Lennon is a banker who comes out of hiding after a post-apocalyptic event. He wanders through nature trying to survive. The water is polluted from at the very least decaying human remains. There is little food, as the grass he tries to eat tastes terrible. Making a spear out of a stick, he goes off in search of food or help. He comes across a cardboard sign with lipstick kisses, a bra, and the words “We Serve Men” on it. Lennon goes forward and is caught by a group of savage women. So, to escape he tries to give them money. They don’t know what it is so the get angry. One of the women frees Lennon and kisses him. This leads to a bite that gives her a thirst for his blood. The women cook him up and eat him, but all get sick. When they come to, they’re all dressed in suits and hats and have brief cases. They wander out from the woods back to the city I guess. After all, there is no banking job in the woods.

Modern Baseball “Your Graduation”

For their latest single “Your Graduation” Modern Baseball put together a video about remembering the old days. To me it feels as though it’s mostly a look back at all the girls in one guy’s life starting from the present and working back. The blank, emotionless look on his face in each scene just screams how he has had enough of this girl’s shit. Each one is the same, going on and on about God knows what while our protagonist realizes that he just isn’t that into what is happening. Of course, we all have our limits, and when we reach them it’s probably best to just walk away and leave the other person wondering what happened. Explanations can lead to discussions, and discussions turn into arguments where people try to change your mind. If you ever find yourself shut down with that blank look on your face, realize you aren’t happy. Then do the next best thing, get away from what is making you unhappy. Go skateboard, like you used to in high school.

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