Video Rewind 03.11.2016

Young Guv “Crawling Back To You”

I think most guys can relate to the idea of being dragged to the mall for a pointless shopping trip and wanting to escape. Rex, the star of Young Guv‘s video for “Crawling Back To You,” is no more than an antsy child who doesn’t want to shop. He escapes his mother’s not so watchful eye and has himself a little adventure. What I want to know is, where did this kid get his money? He’s eating sushi, Dairy Queen, taking photos in a photo booth, etc. He must get a pretty good allowance or he lifted his mom’s wallet in the escape.

Eleanor Friedberger “Never Is A Long Time”

As SXSW approaches, get ready to be made jealous by every blog out there with their wall to wall coverage of taco stands and day drinking. But if you really want to feel jealousy, watch Eleanor Friedberger‘s video for “Never Is A Long Time.” Featuring archival footage of 1996’s South By Southwest, we see a young Jeff Tweedy, the Jayhawks, and maybe most impressively an actual open record store! Of course, we also see a lot of horrendous fashion choices but you take the good with the bad.

Coheed and Cambria “Island”

Claudio Sanchez’ love of comic books is well documented. Perhaps it is no surprise that Coheed and Cambria‘s new video plays out like a Comic Con after party. Two not very impressively costumed superheros do battle in Times Square to the chagrin of on-lookers. But when the crowd has dispersed, the superheroes go back to their normal lives until one fate rainy night brings them back together to do battle against a common foe…furries!

Wimps “Couches”

We’ve all been there, fallen asleep on a couch. While we are physically on a couch, where do we go in those couch dreams. For Wimps‘ drummer Dave Ramm, it is a surprisingly wild ride as we see in the video for “Couches.” Between what appears to be an episode of Nick Arcade and just generally floating through cities, Ramm makes it look pretty damn fun to sleep on a couch.

Weezer “California Kids”

Look, I love cannolis. So there is something truly messed up about watching Weezer‘s video for “California Kids.” Rivers Cuomo fucks with at least 35 cannolis by my count. In the entire video, he probably eats one cannoli; the rest he drops on his shirt, the floor, mashes into his hair, his clothes. It is a gruesome scene of human on ricotta violence.

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