Video Rewind 03.16.2012

Tango in the Attic “Paw Prints”

Off their up and coming album Sellotape due out on April 23rd, we get the video for Tango in the Attic‘s “Paw Prints.” A young, delinquent female teen. She spits out of the upper story window and tries to hit the unsuspecting neighbors who leave. The short, black tie against the black shirt. The asshole who won’t let you pet his dog, clear sign of a man who is training that beast for dog fighting. We’re looking at some weird slum-like part of a city before our main character stumbles into the fields, and forest only to find huge tracks with claws. I’m expecting some “Where The Wild Things Are” creature. You’ll have to find out what it is for yourself. Seriously, though, can these people learn how to tie a tie?
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An Horse “Leave Me”

An Australian duo with inappropriate grammar for their name. Or is it? An Horse are Kate Cooper and Damon Cox, and they have the privelidge of joining Nada Surf on tour for a short time. This is their video for “Leave Me” from their album Walls released April of last year. It’s apparantly a fast tempoed post-breakup song. Kate’s in her room. Damon is at his dwelling. They’re playing the parted couple. It’s a simple video, but it’s a simple song as well. And it’s got some gusto to it.
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The Do “Gonna Be Sick!”

Oh, if you’re into silent films, like The Artist, then you’re in for a treat. The Do‘s new video for their song “Gonna Be Sick!” off of Both Ways Open Jaws has some classical themes to it. I really like how the turbulent sea is nothing more than a large, black silk cloth being shaken. Makes for an interesting appearance of stormy weather on the high seas. All in all, I like it’s throw-back feel to the silent films.
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Said the Whale “Big Wave Goodbye”

“Big Wave Goodbye” appears on the album Little Mountain by Said The Whale. Released back on March 6th, we the the video for the single. It’s a slow walk on the beach, apparently of Vancouver, which doesn’t just serve as the city, but the friend and lover, too. It’s a good thing the sky is gray and dismal. This is, after all, a goodbye song. It’s just funny that the gentleman carries his guitar for most of the video without playing it. But hey, there’s a bonfire and people dancing. So what kind of goodbye song is this?

BBU featuring GLC “The Hood”

Show love for the streets you rep. That’s what’s goin’ on here. “No grammatical words, acrabatical.” It’s basically just explaining why BBU speaks like he’s from the hood because he’s from the hood. Why do French people speak French? He shows off his hood, and shows unity with the people. The song is bumping, and the video sure looks like they had fun making it, without any special effects or gimmicks.
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